Situational exercises

  1. You saw a lady falling in the street. Ask her if she is OK and you can help.
  2. You are in a restaurant and you have just finished your meal. Ask for the bill.
  3. You arrived at a café with your friend. Ask for the menu.
  4. You are lost, and you can’t find 34 King Road. Ask for help in the street.
  5. You wanted to buy a bar of chocolate. You wanted to pay by credit card but the shop assistant says it’s not working. Solve the problem.
  6. You are at work. You are sitting five in a room and it’s very hot. Ask if you can open a window.
  7. You are standing on the bus and you see a wallet next to your neighbour’s leg. Ask if the wallet is his/hers.
  8. You are at the travel agent’s. You want to go to New York, tell the assistant. Tell him/her that you are free only in June.
  9. You're at your doctor. Tell the doctor you have pain in your left shoulder. Ask what treatment she would suggest.
  10. You're at your hairdresser’s. Tell her that you want your hair shorter. And you would like some blond highlights as well.
  11. You're at the airport with the check-in agent. Ask if one of your luggage is all right as hand luggage.
  12. You're at the airport and you couldn’t hear when the boarding will be. Ask the agent about the exact time of boarding.
  13. You are in the office waiting for a report but you don’t have time as you have a meeting in five minutes, so ask your colleague to print a copy for you and leave it on your desk. Thank him/her.
  14. You call a taxi. Tell the driver you want to get to the Central Station by 15.30 from 54th Road. Ask him when it's enough to start.
  15. You're at the airport. You have your toothpaste and another half a litre of Cola in your carry-on luggage. You're not allowed to take these on the plane. Ask what you can do. Ask where you can buy a zip lock bag.
  16. You paid in a shop but the shop assistant gave you back the wrong amount of money. Tell her.
  17. You are at the train station and you would like to go to Wien. Buy a round-trip ticket.
  18. You are at the museum and you cannot seem to find the restrooms. Ask the way.
  19. You meet your old friend from college. Suggest a coffee at the café nearby.
  20. You meet your old friend from college. He/She has changed a lot. He/She has lost a lot of weight. Compliment on his/her new look.
  21. Call your friend in England and tell him/her that you cannot receive them. Give a reason and suggest another time.
  22. You are walking in the street with your wife/husband and you meet your boss. Introduce them to each other.
  23. You are at work and you would like to leave earlier as you are expecting guests but your boss gives you extra work. Persuade your boss that you have to leave.
  24. Your bus starts in 3 minutes but someone is talking to you. Tell her.
  25. You are standing at the bus stop and you forgot your watch at home. Ask the time.
  26. You don’t feel well. Ask your boss to let you go home.
  27. You are at the clothes shop and you like a blue dress but its size is too small. Ask for a bigger size.
  28. You are walking in the street and you can see a desperate tourist who seems to be lost. Help him.
  29. You are at your aunt’s and you have drunk all the orange juice. Apologize for that.
  30. You are at the restaurant and you need the salt but it’s too far from you. Ask your friend next to you to give you the salt.
  31. Your friend was at the cinema yesterday. Ask him/her about it.
  32. Your friend had birthday yesterday. Ask her about his/her cake.
  33. Your friend had birthday yesterday. Ask about what she got for her birthday.
  34. You are at the zoo and you have just bought the tickets and the lady at the cash desk gave the wrong amount of money back to you. Complain about it.
  35. You bought a cake from the new confectionery last weekend and your friend asked you about it. Tell her your experience.
  36. You are late from work. Explain the situation to your boss.
  37. A new neighbour has just moved next to you and you meet them in the garden. Ask about his/her occupation.
  38. You are at the supermarket with your friend and you notice only at the cash desk that you left your wallet in the car. Ask your friend to help you out.
  39. Your friend’s coat is at the dry cleaner. You had to pick it up, but you forgot. Apologise.
  40. You are travelling by train and a man sitting next to you lights a cigarette. Express your disagreement.
  41. There is a new gallery in the town. Invite your friend for next week.
  42. You need to talk to your boss immediately, but he is very busy talking on the phone. You go into his office and tell him the news.
  43. You were invited to a party but you don’t feel like going. Refuse it, and give a reason.
  44. You are window-shopping with a friend and you see a pair of shoes that you like in the window. Ask your friend opinion.