Columbus: hero or villain?

2013.01.05 16:17


Columbus: hero or villain?



Quick quiz:

Where was Columbus born? Italy

Columbus wanted to find a new route to… India

He set off to New World in… 1492

On his first voyage he did not take… Santa Barbara



1.F     2.E     3.C    4.D     5.B     6.A     7.G



Matching: 1-B     2-E    3-G     4-A     5-F    6-D    7-C



Finish the sentences:

1)      Columbus thought he landed in India.

2)      Columbus actually discovered the American Continent.

3)The Spanish King gave Columbus ships and men.

4)      The Portuguese’s idea was to ship round Africa and travel eastwards.

5)      Slavery was introduced by Columbus.

6)      In 1492 Columbus and his crew set off and landed in America.

7)      The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria were Columbus’ ships on his first voyage.

8)      The Native Americans greeted Columbus.

9)      Columbus’ success was that he found gold.

10)   Columbus failed in creating a colony.